Dining Tables

‘Book Matched Black Walnut – 11ft’

Hardwood dining tables by Cherrywood Studio

11ft book matched black walnut table


Cherrywood Studio designs and creates custom hardwood dining tables, as well as live edge slab kitchen tables, live edge bar tops, live edge kitchen counters and live edge island tops. Each table is unique as no two pieces of wood are the same. As our studio designs on a custom basis, our tables are created to your exact specification. You can even choose the slabs that you want for the manufacturing of your table. Tables can be created in various Ontario hardwoods, to your exact size requirement and paired with your choice of table base whether that be wood, steel or any other complementing material. Our live edge dining tables can be created up to a maximum of 11 feet continuous length. However, we have designed longer tables using a mix of materials such as stainless steel. Whatever your requirement, Cherrywood Studio has a design solution.

Live edge hardwood dining tables by Cherrywood Studio in Toronto, Ontario


Cherrywood Studio’s hardwood dining tables range from rustic to contemporary with each piece designed uniquely for each client’s needs and tastes. Our tables can be created featuring the live edge of the wood or with a more traditional straight edge. We often visit our clients’ space either physically or through images so that we can design unique to the space.

Live edge hardwood dining tables by Cherrywood Studio in Toronto, Ontario


Cherrywood Studio tables are finished with a tung oil or tung oil/beeswax finish. This finish is green and responds extremely well to the daily use of residential, commercial and industrial tables.

Live edge 11 ft black walnut dining table, steel base in antique copper finish