Cherrywood Studio creates custom contemporary hardwood tables, both traditional and live edge. We use locally sourced large urban hardwood trees that would otherwise be destined for landfill sites, instead transforming them into singular pieces of fine furniture.

live edge black walnut wooden dining table with curved steel base

Cherrywood Studio is the first to advocate for a tree to be saved —to remain a tree— however, the abundance of mature trees in southern Ontario means that many have to be removed for reasons of safety, disease or permit. In these instances, Cherrywood Studio is there to initiate what we like to think of as the tree’s reincarnation. We believe that summarily burning or disposing of these old growth trees is wasteful, and that each can, in the right hands, live for many more generations.

Salvage, norway maple, Cherrywood Studio
Salvaging trees and the production process for creating custom live edge wooden tables is a process of patience. The process of milling, drying and machining local urban hardwoods can take upwards of 24 to 36 months depending on the thickness of the slabs that are being processed. Large trunks of salvaged tress are milled either on site or at Cherrywood Studio. We use an Alaskan Chainsaw, which is essentially a chain saw with a 60″ bar, to mill the largest trees that we salvage.

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, salvage, sugar maple, Cherrywood Studio

Once the slabs are milled they are air dried in outdoor stacks for 24 – 36 months and finally kiln dried to approximately 8% moisture content. Only then are the slabs ready to be worked into Cherrywood Studio designs.

Drying stacks, drying slabs, salvaged, live edge wood, Cherrywood Studio

In initial discussions with our clients we determine what preference they have for species, size and how organic in nature they would like their design. Based on this, we present slab options. Our designer then analyzes each piece or pieces to determine what design layout will maximize the beauty of the slabs. Our design philosophy is to follow the source wood’s natural lines and contours, with a particular focus on revealing each piece’s individual grain and edge. Allowing the wood characteristics to guide the design results in maximizing each piece’s beauty. The image below shows a raw slab of black walnut. A design using this slab will highlight the spectacular grain that the slab presents.

live edge, black walnut, crotch slab, Cherrywood Studio

After slabs are chosen and design is revealed by the slabs, production begins on a piece. A complementary base is designed to fit the slabs. If a steel base is designed, our fabrication of the steel is done by local metal fabricators. In the production of the table top we use both hand tools and the highest quality joining and machining technology to create solid furniture that are works of both art and nature.

router table, planing, live edge, slab, sustainable, contemporary, Cherrywood Studio

Cherrywood Studio’s live edge hardwood tables are created for discriminating consumers who seek contemporary fine furniture that is individual in personality, sustainable in origin. We believe that the growing movement toward local and sustainable products will make our tables a preferred choice for those who want unique furniture that not only achieves the balance of form and function, but does so without creating imbalance in the environment.


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