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Live edge rustic slab tables and contemporary furniture from salvaged and reclaimed Ontario hardwoods created by Cherrywood Studio.


We mill, air dry and finally kiln dry our wood which results in an optimum, superior material from which our designs are created. We do not cut down trees to use in the creation of our designs. We work with arborists to salvage the trunks of old growth hardwood trees that are being felled for disease, safety or permit reasons. Salvaging the trees prevents them from being disposed of as firewood or in landfill giving the tree new purpose.


Cherrywood Studio’s specialty is our superior design of custom live edge rustic slab tables featuring both live and traditional edges. Our designs include live edge slab dining tables as well as live edge slab kitchen tables, natural edge slab desks, live edge slab coffee tables, natural edge slab console tables, live edge slab benches, live edge slab counters, live edge slab islands, live edge slab vanity tops, and live edge mantels. We also create a number of accessories such as live edge mirrors, side tables and magazine racks. To achieve a contemporary look to our designs we often use alternate materials for our tables bases such as steel.

Our designs range from rustic to contemporary with each piece designed uniquely for each client’s needs and tastes. We often visit our clients’ space either physically or through images so that we can design unique to the space.


In order to maximize the use of our salvaged hardwoods, we use the off cuts from our larger live edge hardwood projects to create a line of serving and charcuterie boards that feature live edge and end grain wood. These unique and beautiful boards are a favourite of both restaurant and home chefs to display their culinary creations.


Cherrywood Studio live edge slab tables are used in residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional applications in Toronto and across North America.

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